Catch the killer

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Play this complex car driving game where you have to park the detective car like a pro around town and not leave a trace or a mark. Move quickly and swiftly in your pursuit to catch the killer. Learn to move fast as to not let him escape but don�t crash your car or make any noise , or draw attention to yourself in any way. Knowing how to pick a lock or finding and analyzing clues are skills you must have to be the head of investigations in the police department. So learn to park around the city with ease and pick locks like a pro in this dark story where you have to uncover the murderer and send him to jail. Hold the investigation with an sharp mind and connect the clues to the possible suspects right down to the real criminal. Thee will be a lot of driving around the city from the crime scene to the investigations lab where you analyze the evidence so focus on yor driving and keep the operation running smoothly.