Jungle Woods Cutters

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Drive around the beautiful Amazon jungle and breath the highly oxygenated air. But make sure to not hit any of the wild animal that may cross your path. They are not afraid and may hit your car if you are not careful so be aware. Top up on shields and use the �S� key to activate the shields so as to avoid damage either to the vehicle or animals. When you reach the tree use �Z� to get to cutting it. In the tree cutting screen pull the saw blade like slingshot and catapult it to the right spot on the tree . The spot becomes active when the mark reaches it so no point in firing saw blades when the mars are not in reach. Cutting up trees is no easy business and this game will prove it to you. So practice your tree cuter driving skills and drive the machine like you drive any car but with extra attention to the animals and when maneuvering the saw blade.