Twisted Racers

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Thirsty for another race around the neighborhood? Well get ready for a tight race in a deserted industrial area full of crates and barrels delimiting a really nice and twisted route. Driving for you is a breeze and you know you where meant to be number one in this friendly race. Your opponents seam to have only recently got into racing and they will be mumbling far behind you. It takes courage to take those daring curves in high speed and they don�t seam to have what it takes so enjoy your race and drive your car like a pro in this easy race where your only true opponent seam,s to be the route itself. The sun is high in the sky green trees everywhere. Its the mid of summer and the local car repairs are busy tuning up motors for races just like these. Get ready for a neat adventure behind the steering wheal in your quest to prove to everyone you are the number one driver.