Cream. The Last Chance!

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You are on a very special mission to save the world. All hall broke and the apocalypse is upon us. The zombie disease is spreading fast and there is only one cure. You have to deliver the cure to the lab for further development but there is a catch. You have to deliver it while its cold so the best car for the job is an armored ice cream truck. Yes your friends have a taste for engineering and in times like this they had to be creative. Your ice cream truck is armed with projectile launcher and very sturdy. Run over zombies, and ice cubes in your quest to get the antidote safely to the lab. Make sure you gather all the coins so you can tune your truck with even more power agility and coolness. You have eight well thought out levels each bringing you closer to saving the world and turning the leftover zombies back into humans. Have fun wiping out decomposing zombies but learn to eliminate them with the ammunition as the the car can be slower down or even stopped if you run over to many stubborn zombies. Drive like a pro and save the world while you are at it.