Firefighters Emergency

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Firefighters emergency is a 2.5 d game with a fun fire truck you have to drive around the city and collect the most coins before you find the emergency place. Drive around the streets and collect enough coins as you can buy a gps as soon as possible to know where you are. Handling a fire truck is no joke. It takes much skill and you have to be able to drive under pressure and be fast. There are lives at stake and there is no room for mistakes. Remember the more coins you collect the more efficient your truck will get so keep your eyes peeled. Avoid bumping the ruck on the sides of the road and on the few dents in the road the council didn�t fix yet. There are are almost endless possibilities to wonder around the city and not find the fire spot so make sure you dint miss a coin so you can quickly as possible buy gps. After you reach the spot you will need to have a steady grip and fire the water exactly on the spot needed to extinguish the fire otherwise it wont work .