True Halloween Mayhem

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Its around that time of the year again when evil freaks get to live it out and have a good time scareing people with theyr costumes. Its a sight to be delighted and enjoyed, but whate, posers have infiltrated here too like in all other parts of life. Thinking its cool to dress up a lot of people just put on nice funny costumes and head out to show off. But you know batter what haloween its about. Its about summoning the evil spirits and brining out all the hidden parts of society...so why waste it dressing up in a bunny suit? This can not happen! Get out there and show your master driving skills by gathering evil potions and killing all the fluffy offenders that bring the holloween spirit to a halt. Get behind the wheal and drive like crazty on the haunted streets making shure you dont run over any gouls but keep them clear of any posers.