Medical Team Havoc

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Wreck havoc on the streets of the city as you race in a speeding ambulance. There is only one gole and that is to get as fast as possible to the patient, no traffic rules applied! Driving an ambulance is a adrenaline filled experience where every fraction of a second counts and your senses are pushed to the limit as there is no room for mistakes. One mistake and at this speed you could kill a pedestrian or cause a car accident and not get to the patient in time. Brace yourself for a one of a kind driving experience and don�t let adrenaline make you a bad driver. You have to focus and keep your cool as to not make any mistakes. Collect as many coins as possible and make sure they are the right amount. There is nothing stopping you to speed to the next level,smashing crates and driving upside down on the roundabouts.