3D Rookie Cop 2

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Here you have your police supercar! You've earn your right to drive it, so make sure you live up to your superiors' expectations and that you don't turn it into a wreck. Moreover, put all the efforts to upgrade, too. 3...2... 1... Drive! Once out there, the highway, you're on your own, just you and your driving skills... if yo have any. Use the arrow keys for controlling your sleek, jaw-dropping police car, for make it burn some rubber on the the highway, chasing virtual villains trying to get away with braking the law. As a 3D car driving games “maniac”, you must definitely be more and familiar with the specific game controls, right?Your reaction times will be put to the maximum test, unlike in other dull, slow motion 3D car racing games that you might have tried so far, so don't lose grip if your car the instant you spot another car, in traffic, trying to bump into your own police car, or once you spot some traffic markers or a huge hole in the road popping up in front of your car. Learn to handle that extreme speed and to quickly turn your car left or right, avoiding the risk of getting it severely damaged and... of losing every chance of truly impressing you superiors and climb the police hierarchy. Also, pay attention to all those golden coins scattered on the highway, they'll allow you to buy certain valuable upgrades for you car, such as acceleration, top speed or handling braking.