Santa On Motorbike

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Ever felt like it takes forever for Santa to arrive? Well now you have the opportunity to speed him up. Drive Santa across the country on a classy motorbike and help him overcome the rough, bumpy routs around the city. Elfs can only help so much it seams and the sled is just so 1900 so help your Santa get from the present factory to the cites and villages across the globe in no time. Grinch�s kids and witches are out to stop him but you know you are a batter driver than that. Drive over slippery peaces of ice and frozen crevices in your quest for a Marry Christmas but be careful cause the route is full of danger. You could fall anytime in one of Grinch�s purposefully dug holes or fall off one of the crevices. Drive past squirrels out in search for food and chirping birds in your quest to conquer Christmas night and win everyone�s hears. You have ten levels of varying difficulty to put your skills to the test and achieve Santa driving status. Grinch may have a laugh or two but you know whose gonna have the last laugh.