Park in the snow

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Get ready for a hard to park game. This is not just a regular parking game but a hard to park one. Parking in winter is trickier than it seams and with all the ice and snow around you know its bound to get down right impossible. You need to be a seasoned car driver to get this game right. Winter is the time the earth becomes slippery with ice and the obstacles you would usually avoid become covered in snow so you don�t see them well. So gather all your fine focus skills and patience to park in the snowed in parking spot. Don�t fret if you don�t make it the first time cause parking in the snow takes a true master of the wheal and gating there is a matter of will and determination. Don�t forget to take a peek at the beautiful frozen lakes snowed in gas station and mighty street lamps while your rolling on the picturesque white and grayish roads.