Extreme Drifting 2

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Extreme drifting 2 takes you on a wild ride around the city roads where cars are racing to be the first to finish in this crazy drift. At this high speed frenzy its only drift you can do. Drive past cranes and skyscrapers in the making , parks and tire bundles in your quest to be number one and there is room only for one number one. The levels are both in daylight and night so you have have to be ready for a crazy night drift where only luck will serve you well. But don�t fret if you don�t make it the first time, luck games can get you dependent too and keep you busy for hours. So try your best in this one of a kind drifting experience and keep your head high. You don�t know drifting till you tried this one and if you make it first or even if you make it you know you are among the best there is out there.