Futuristic Tractor Racing

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Its now time to have real fun with futuristic tractors. If you ever wonders what its like to drive far out tractors in alien colonies now you have the opportunity. You have 8 fun levels and five different tractors of which 4 are for you to win. Each tractor comes with its own unique specifications and you will have to choose which one works best for your style. This game is a blast for any versed driver being rather fun and entertaining than hard. You will drive past funny looking mountains and futuristic buildings, flanked by windmill parks and never seen before plants. See how many coins you can collect wile keeping yourself ahead of the game and also make sure you collect more of the tokens your car needs most, like for instance some tractors may need Nos whilst others may need damage resistance or fuel. Either way just make sure you don�t miss out on the original futuristic scenery and enjoy.