Old city parking

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Dive into the world of old city cars with this wonderful Cadillac Eldorado and get back to the spirit of the golden years. This Eldorado Cadillac is a 50 beauty packed with custom interior trimmings and the Cadillac crest embossed on them. This model has its own personality with high , slender, pointed tail fins. Drive this exceptional model around a retro scenery with old film style effects and park your beauty like a pro around this post was city. Largely recovered from world war 2 clashes between capitalism and communism describe the city scene. Re live the era in this time stained film filled with retro cars and grainy motor ways. Driving a retro car ain�t easy so get ready for some 50' driver practice. Taking a curb takes much more strength and focus than with a modern day car and braking is a whole new story. So get ready to fill the shoes of a 50' driver and enjoy this one of a kind experience.