Ice Rink Parking

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Ice rink parking is all about winter fun. If you enjoyed ice skating when you where a little kid now its time you moved on to a more demanding adventure. Slide around the skating rink and complete three fun tasks before you move on to the next level. Drive past thin ice, toe cars, collect money and park, all with your own car on the slippery ice. An arrow will indicate your next task but wont tell you where all the money is so you may have to wonder around the skating rink for a while till you find all the money. You have eight engaging levels each with a different task all on this entertaining skating rink. Don�t go past the thin ice to many times or your car will sink in the water, also bumping in the trees, tires and road blocks is not a good idea. Are you ready to have some original fun driving on the ice rink ? It takes a true driver to steer a car on skating ice and much practice. Do you have what it takes?