Arctic Snowmobile

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If motorbikes is your thing this game will feed your passion. The snowmobile is maneuverable like a bike but heavier and more adapted to driving on ice and snow. Learn the ropes and you will fond the snowmobile is much more fun than a regular bike. Its like both skying , driving a motor bike and being transported by a mini tank all in one. Figure how to drive the snowmobile in time and don�t get stranded on the cold and barren land where only arctic bares, seals and sometimes penguins dare wonder, or rather get lost. Can you drive safely to the research station without tipping over? The fractured ice is slippery and the crevices sharp so getting there is no easy job. So get to it and prove to the world you can cross the Antarctica right thru the center and not get stranded there in the freezing waste land.