Speed Racer

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Speed racer is the game for drivers with a passion for speed and action. This unusual game will have you relearn driving and develop new skills in the matter. Learn to maneuver a car while watching it from the side and drive around the other vehicles. Do you have the reflexes to avoid the cars appearing in front of you? very few do. Are you one of them? This road is a battleground and the cars around are not your allays but your enemies but bumping into them is a way to simple solution and will damage your own car. Drive around them and show who is meant to win the gold in this race of sharp senses. Gather all your focus and dedication to win the levels and advance on the outskirts of the city roads. This game requires light fast reflexes and a achieving this sharp reaction time takes a lot of practice and dedication so take your time and don�t give up if you don�t make it the first time.