Winter Wars

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Winter wars is a fun winter game where you drive a catapult around the snowy peeks and use it at the end of the level after you gathered enough ammo. If you are a pro at driving and parking cars and want to upgrade to something even more entertaining you have to try driving this catapult to the destination. When you reach the destination, a beautiful castle with armored windows you will see the number of snowballs you have gathered on your way and you will be able to fire them at the castles strategic targets. Keep the spacebar key pressed till you think the trajectory is far enough to reach the target and let go when ready. Have fun firing snowballs with this one of a kind drivable catapult and conquer the winter princesses castle. You may find it difficult at first to drive the catapult but soon you will be doing air flips with it and getting to the frozen castle in no time.