Illegal Drive Frenzy

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Its a wonderful sunny day in the city and drivers are up to mischief. Drive around and explore all the fun little details of a sunny morning with your red sports utility vehicle. This game is very detailed and gives you tons of fun spins to the usual simple driving experience. Drive past crates and brake them or use them as an ramp, scare birds, go on the car Marry go round, brake fire hydrants and drive over ice cream shops and thru office buildings. Like this isn�t enough you get to brake the traffic signs and drive past and destroy cars on thew way. But don�t think no one is watching, you will be recorded by traffic surveillance, and your speed measured. You don�t start off with much speed but collect coins and upgrade to the horse power you know you can handle. Enjoy your driving skills in this illegal adventure thru office windows and over coffeehouses roofs.