Red Fury Unleashed

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If your enemies make you see red its time to jump behind the wheel and even thing out with your furious red super car. Drive in turbo speed past fountains and luxurious houses on the revenge highway where only the best of the best survive. This car game is not your regular racing game but here you can take out you fearless opponents in a game of whose who. So unleash all your fury and speed over the speed limit with one goal in mind and that is to take out all your enemies with one single drive on the highway of showdown. Don look back and don�t slow down you are on a race against time to reach your opponents and crash their cars out of the highway and blow them into unrecoverable peaces. You might want to take out all in sight but keep your car healthy enough to take out your enemies so don�t crash into to many unsuspecting cars or you wont have enough stamina for their opponents.