Winter Pursuit

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Its winter and time for vengeance in this one of a kind high speed highway game. Crash the daylights out of your enemies in this winter frenzy and get to the finish line in one peace. Speed is a tricky thing and you may find yourself crashing into to many cars and damaging your speed vehicle beyond repair so use your car health wisely. Don�t forget to enjoy the beautiful winter scenery with frozen rivers and snowed in houses. Drive by snow angels done by the winter hyped people and lonely birds stranded in the sea of snow. Find your way among icicles and defoliated trees in this freezing car adventure. Find your way on the snowy roads and don�t mind the gaps in the roads and the snow buildups cause it has been a heavy winter. So push the gas pedal to the ground and get ready for a bumpy ride in this winter highway show of passion fro speed.