Dangerous Racers

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Dangerous Racers is a dare game where you slalom between cars , land mines, and sometimes speed boosters if you don�t want to go faster. If you find drifting games fun and not dangerous enough get your fix of adrenaline with this high speed race sprinkled with landmines that will damage your car. Can you get to the finish line in one peace? Its time to find out in this realistic race. Drive around surprisingly sharp corners in a wonderful neighborhood with beautiful houses and luxuriant foliage. This game will push your driving skills to the limit and beyond, if you finish this challenging adventure you know you are a top driver and can handle anything. So delve in to the wonderful world of drifting racing and prove you are the best around by finishing all the laps in record time and with your car undamaged , leaving your competitors in a cloud of dust and motor fumes.