3D LA Supercars 2

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Ride in the fast lane on the LA roads where everything is shinier and more pricey. Ride a Ferarri 458 italia, a mini cooper and a Chevrolet Corvette on the misty LA mornings in a speed frenzy. In LA everything is more money and money is everywhere so gather as many coins as possible to tune your cars and obtain more speed and maneuverability than you can handle in this breathtaking bolides. LA never knows boredom and now its the time you left it behind and drive a super car pushing it to its full potential on the busy LA roads. There is nothing in this world compared to the thrill this cars can give you, so put on your seat belt and get your senses ready for fast maneuvering in a more than real scenery . You will feel the air hissing by your perfectly aerodynamic car and the wheal will take you anywhere you fantom in the blink of an eye.