Punk Biker

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Speed if for the best of us and every punk likes a challenge so gear up and get ready for the punks lane, a unpaved lane at the outskirts of the city where old buildings are being demolished and the local squatting community has gathered to protest the demolishions. The lane is full of old building debris and a ride on it is probably one of the biggest challenges in the city. Its time you showed off your punk dirt biker skills and rode the lane in style , with spiky mohawk multicolored helmet, studded boots, patchy jacket and pants and a bullet belt like the unauthentic punker you are. Its all about being true to oneself and destabilizing a state made of lies and exploitations. So get ready to make a show and support your fellow squatters in their protests for the legalization of occupying abandoned buildings. Its only the best of us that get to do that.