Trucks at war

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In turbulent political times and widespread disputes war trucks come out to fight. Enjoy the apocalyptic views of varying war trucks scattered around a deadly war zone each ready to fight and massacre. Drive your war truck to the other side of the war zone in one pace and unshattered. You have only one gole and that is to get in one peace to the other side. Crush enemy skulls and make your way through the grime in an epic quest to be the number one war zone driver. Don�t back down and don�t be to hasty, you have to keep your cool and take your time since the route is bumpy and blown up by projectiles. Buildings close to collapse and shattered trucks accompany you on your way whilst other fellow combatants lay around helpless, poisoned by deadly gas or shot dead. An this dreadful day you have to prove your strength of character and steady hand by driving the truck to the other side.