Mafia Vendetta

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You are sent to kill the allays of the mob's enemies in a final showdown of revenge and pride. Show you respect your clans status and seek out all its squealers and kill them before they do any more harm to the business. Race on the highway like a psychopath and smash the designated cars that stand between your clan and the the clans prosperous expansion. You have been chosen for you rare drivers skill and car driving ability so don�t let your blood brothers down and eliminate the opponents in a bloody speedy revenge. Ride the ride of fury as you put to respect mafias traitors and send them to their resting place in few fatal blows. Vow your loyalty to the mob and your clan and show the world there is no escaping form the consequences of any attempt to slow down the rolling snow globe that is taking over. You are the best car driver for the job and you know it, so get out there and connote your revenge.